How To Connect Roku To Wifi

Roku is a hot buzz in the world of streaming devices that has grasped the attention of millions of users worldwide. Unlike the traditional streaming players which can work only with a wired connection, Roku perfectly works with a wireless connection as well. Now the question that How to connect Roku to WiFi must be puzzling your mind, Right? Well! In this guide, we will take you through initial stages and provide you detailed description that how to connect Roku to WiFi.

How to set up the Roku?

The initial step for the Roku wireless setup is to unbox the device. One thing you have to make sure that this stage is that you got all the required accessories with the Roku device and that is – Roku device, remote and other model-specific tools. Let’s say if you have Roku Streaming Stick +, you must have an AWR device in the packaging.

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In the next step, connect the Roku to television.  For the other Roku models, you must have Roku High-speed HDMI cable. For Streaming  Stick +, connect the device to your TV’s HDMI port to get started. You need to connect one end of the cable to Roku device and the other to your television.

Once you have established a successful connection, change the TV’s input to HDMI. In most of the televisions, input setup is to TV/AV composite or cable. So, go to the input settings and change the input to HDMI cable. If you have Roku Express +, you can connect the device to television through traditional TV/AV input.

Now, you will able to see the Roku screen on the TV. Move to the next step to connect Roku to the wireless network.

How to connect Roku to WiFi?

  • Once you have the Roku home screen on the menu, open the settings and navigate to Internet connectivity settings option.

  • When you turn on that option, the Roku device will start scanning for the nearest available wireless network. It will display the list of devices available within the range of your Roku device.

  • Select the wireless connection to which you want to connect the Roku device.

  • Now, enter the wireless password to connect Roku to a wireless network.

  •  If you are trying to connect Roku to a third-party wireless network, your Roku will not exchange information with Internet Service Provider.

There are also options available to connect the Roku device to the wired network. But, Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Streaming Stick + will not extend this provision. So, you need to make wireless connectivity.

The aforementioned simple steps will allow you to connect the Roku device to the Wireless network. If you have any doubts regarding the Roku Wireless Setup, feel free to contact the Roku experts. They will take a close look at the situation and give you the best advice to fix the problem.

Roku Wireless Setup Instructions