Roku Code link

Streaming media has got great popularity in a very short span of time. There are many streaming devices available in the market but, if we talk about the device that is able to offer the technology, affordability, upgrades and dependability then its Roku Code Link. Roku is a streaming player on which you can stream the movies, music, song and the other entertainment sources using the Roku Code Link. Not only the entertainment content, but Roku also offers the fitness, gaming and much more is available on this streaming platform.

For using the Roku device, you need to activate the Roku and for that, you need a Roku link code. The Roku code is basically an alphanumeric code used to activate the Roku device. The code is case-sensitive, thus needs to be filled very carefully.

Roku Troubleshooting

To get the activation code, you need to visit to log in or sign up. Select the location, language and connect the device. Once you are connected to the internet, your device will update or install the required software.

Basic requirements for the Roku Account Setup:

  • Roku streaming player.

  • Computer or smartphone.

  • TV.

  • Internet Connection.

  • Payen details.

Setup Account

To set up the device firstly, connect the HDMI or composite cable to the TV and Roku media player. Insert the small end of the USB cable into Roku device and another end into the USB slot of TV.  Turn on both the devices.

The Roku logo will appear on your screen, connect the device to the internet.

Setup Roku account

To set up the Roku account, open a web browser and enter in the address bar. Fill the details like name, email address, password. With a password, you also need to provide the unique pin to your account. Read and Agree with the terms and conditions to continue with the account setup.

You will be directed to payment merchant side. Here, you need to mention the payment details to make the payment.

How to login to Roku account?

After creating the Roku Account, you need to sign in to the You have to provide the login details like email ID and password and then click on the login button. 

Now, you will get the Roku Activation Link Code. visit the and enter the activation code.  Your device will be activated soon. Once your device is activated, you will able to stream your favorite channels. Set the location and language.

How to get the Roku Link Code from the remote.

Yes! You can also get the Roku link code from remote. All you need is to set up the remote by inserting the batteries in the battery slots and after that click on the ‘Start’ button present on the remote to get the activation code.  After, you can use this Roku code and complete the activation process.

Roku Code link Activation