Roku Link Code From TV

Roku link code is very essential to set up and activate the streaming device.  For activation, you have to provide the coder in the given spacer and proceed further by following the on-screen instructions to complete the process. If you want to get the Roku link code from TV, carefully read the given instructions. Once your device is activated, you can navigate to the store and add your favorite channels to the account. In case, you get any trouble to get the Roku link code from TV or face the activation issues, don’t hesitate to contact the Roku experts for instant solution.

Roku Link Code From TV

Get the Roku Link Code from TV

Following are some easy guidelines that can help you to Roku link code from TV. Let’s have a look:

  • To get the link code for Roku, turn on your device and connect the required cables and that includes power cable and HDMI cable.

  • The premium HDMI cable is capable to deliver better results and if your device is old, you can also use the composite cables.

  • Properly insert the cables in the slots and if you are using an old device, try to use composite video and audio cables  ( red, yellow and white one).

  • When you turn on the device, you will see the Roku logo appearing on the screen. You can connect your device to the network. If you choose the wireless connection, it can give you better outcomes. All you need is to provide the username and password and click on the connect tab. Wait until you see the green check mark appearing on your screen.

Use the code to link the device

  • Use the login credentials to sign in to the Roku Account. To create an account, navigate to the respective page and provide the required information.

  • You can see the Roku link code on the player connected TV. once you get Roku link code from TV, just note it down.

  • Now, visit the page You can visit this page using a web browser on a smartphone or computer.

  • In this step, you will be prompted to enter the Roku Link code. Enter the code and follow the onscreen instructions to link the device to your Roku account.

Following these steps, you can get the Roku link code from TV.  If you find yourself stuck with the Roku Link Code errors then, try to get the code by pressing the star button from the Roku remote.  You can also contact the experts to get help in finding the link code. 

Turn on the Roku device, write down the code and enter this code to the required page for linking the device to Tv.  If you want to get more details, always feel free to contact the expert for support.

You can navigate to the Roku official page to get the details Roku link code from TV and the other necessary updates. Just follow the steps carefully to avoid any sort of trouble in the process.

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