Roku Not Connecting to Internet

Roku is a well-known brand name for providing the different types of online streaming players such as Roku Streaming Player, Roku TV and, Roku Streaming Stick. For using these streaming players, you need to set up them first. Many time, users complain about the issues that their Roku Not connecting to the internet. This is very common error to occur, especially when you set up the Roku for the first time. There can be so many reasons behind this problem like weak signal strength, wrong network details and, the others. If your Roku Not Connecting to  Internet then, this guide can help you to fix the problem.

Type of error message that may appear when you try to connect Roku to the wireless network:

When you try to set up the Roku device for the first time and connect the Roku to the wireless network, you may see an error ‘Unable to connect to the wireless network’. To overcome this problem, you need to check:

  • Make sure  you are using a similar network port that you have used for the laptop or computer.

  • Next, you have to enter the username and password for your network that you have used during the setup.

  • Another thing you may try to fix the problem is – you can use the Ethernet cable or wired connection to connect to your router. Sometimes the your Roku not Connecting to  Internet due to weak signals of wireless network signals. Thus you can try the wired connection to fix the problem.

Check the Network Connection:

  • To start with it, run a ‘Connection test’ for your Roku device. For this, go to the Settings>>Network>>Check Connection. This step will allow you to check two thing- The signal strength of your Wireless Network and connection to your home wireless network.

  • While feeding the name for your wireless network, make sure that you select the accurate name for your wireless network for avoiding future issues.

  • Also, always keep in mind that the password you are typing should be case sensitive. You can use the lower as well as uppercase letters for the password.

How to connect Roku to wifi?

Steps you need to follow to connect the Roku to the Wireless network are:

  • Turn on your TV and connect it to the HDMI port.

  • Power on your TV and Roku device.

  • You will see the Roku screen, you have to go to the Settings>>Network Wireless or WiFi and select the wireless connection.

  • Once you have selected the settings, you will see the list of the available wireless network. Select the network and enter the username and password.

Look for the green checkmark, it indicates that your Roku device is connected successfully. So, follow these steps to connect the Roku to the Wireless network enjoy your better streaming experience with Roku device and watch channels or shows of your choice whenever you want.

Connect Roku TV to Wifi Network