Roku Setup Instructions

Have you just purchased the new Roku TV and want to set it up? Whether you have a Roku TV Streaming Box or Streaming Stick, the basic Roku setup instructions will be the same and easy. In this guide, we are going to share the instructions that can help you to set up and install the Roku TV without any hassle. Follow the Roku setup instructions carefully to avoid the hassles in the process.

Basic Roku Setup Instructions for Preparation:

  • Connect your Roku TV using the HDMI cable and then turn on the TV.

  • If you have 4K enabled on your Roku Streaming device, then make sure that you have connected the stick or box to the HDMI port which is compatible with HDCP 2.2, there must be a label on the input.  This is very important for the compatibility with ‘HDR Encoded Content’.

Roku Troubleshooting
  • If you have 4K enabled Roku TV  then make sure that accessing the internet speed up to 4K.

  • You can connect the Roku box to Roku TV using the analog audio or composite video connection. Though, it must be used only for analog TVs.

  • Plugin your Roku TV into power with the provided Power cord or adapter and put the batteries in the  Roku TV.

How to Setup Roku TV?

  • Turn on your Roku TV. The very first thing that will appear in front of your is Roku Power-Up Page.  The Page will feature the animated logo.

  • Now, you have to choose the language used for the on-screen Roku menu system. You may also be prompted to choose your country.

  • Connect the Roku TV to your Network Router to access the internet. Roku TV supports the internet and Ethernet connectivity options, so you can choose and provide the password details. Proceed further with Roku setup instructions. You may get a message that the firmware/software update is available. If so, then allow your Roku Tv to proceed further with the update process.

  • If you are using the HDMI, Roku device will detect the resolution capability and aspect ratio of Roku TV automatically and the video output signals automatically, you can change it later.

  •  Your Roku remote should automatically start working. But, if it requires pairing, the notification and instructions will appear on your TV screen.

  • Go to the Roku Sign-in page and create an account. You have to create a username, password, provide the payment method and address information.

  • Once you have created the Roku account successfully, further Roku setup instructions will get displayed on your Roku TV screen which will include the activation code.  Visit the using the computer, laptop, or tablet and enter the code number.

  • A message will appear on your TV screen which states that the device is activated.

  • The  Roku Home menu will appear on the screen and enable you to access the device functions. If you are unable to see the home menu, click on the Right arrow present to the right of ‘All Done’ menu.

  • Enjoy using the Roku TV.

Following are some simple Roku setup instructions that can help you to complete the Roku setup. If you still have a query or confusion that how to install Roku on TV, contact the experts and seek their advice.

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