Roku is a digital media player or streaming player used for streaming movies, songs, TV shows, and entertainment content by using the link activation code. Not only the entertainment channels, other options like fitness, gaming are also available on this platform. All that user needs is to activate the Roku device with link activation code and after that user is all set to take advantage of this amazing streaming device.

Steps to find the Roku Activation Link Code

For using the Roku device, you need to activate it and for that, you need Roku link Code. The Roku Activation code is an alphanumeric value used for activating the Roku device. This code is case sensitive. To get your Roku Link Code, check out the following steps.

Roku Troubleshooting

When you log in to the, you have to select the location, language and need to connect the device with the internet. Once you are connected to the internet, your device will attempt to update or install the software.

After that software update, you can see the Roku Link Code on your TV screen. Just write it down somewhere as you will need this code for the account activation.

The process to Setup Account

  • For setting up your Roku device, open the package and make sure that all the necessary accessories are available in the package.

  • Use the HDMI cable to connect your TV with Roku device. Insert the small end of the USB cable to Roku and the other end to your television’s USB slot, turn on the TV and Roku Device.

  • Connect your device to the internet.

How to set up a Roku Account?

Open your web browser and go to account. Provide the name, password, email address. You also need to provide the PIN for the account. Agree to the terms and conditions to proceed further with Roku Setup.

You will be directed to the payment merchant site option, provide your account details for the payment.

Steps to login to the Roku Account:

  • Sign in the Roku account. For this, go to

  • Provide the login details and click on the login button.

  • Visit and enter  Roku activation code.

  • Your Roku device will get activated soon. Once your device is activated, you can enjoy streaming your favorite channels.

Primary requirements to set up the Roku Account:

  • Roku Streaming Player.

  • Computer or smartphone device.

  • Television.

  • Internet connection.

  • Account details to make payment.

How to get the Roku Code link from the Remote?

To get the Roku Activation Code from your remote, you have to set up the remote by inserting a battery in it.  Click on the start button present on the remote to get new Roku Code Link. Just enter the code and activate your device.

Roku Link Enter Activation Code